School Dare
Anime influenced
Teen drama
Format Animated series
Created by Michael Wildshill
Edward Walter Fowly
James Durman
Developed by

Vincent Chalvon-Demersay
Michael Wildshill
Terry Ward
Robert Rodriquez
Starring Michael Wildshill (as Charles)
Edward Walter Fowly (as Zeke)
Asleigh Ball (as Melaine)
Ryan Newman (as Nina)
Hutch Dano (as Z)
Tara Strong (as Jade)
Country of origin
United States (season 1-present)
France (season 1-5)
Canada (season 1-5)
Germany (season 1-4)
Finland (season 1-5)
United Kingdom
Italy (season 1-5)
Luxembourg (season 1-4)
Japan (season 1, 3)
Ireland (season 1)
The Netherlands (season 3)

Australia (season 1-5)
Spain (season 1)
India (season 1-2)
Singapore (season 1-4)

Language(s) English
No. of seasons 6 (current)
No. of episodes 564 (List of episodes)
Executive producer(s)
Robert Rodriquez
Tara Strong
Michael Wildshill
Running time 30 min.
Production company(s) Omegalpha (2008-present) and Domino Studios
In association with
Alphanim (2008-2009)
Quick Draw-Troublemaker Studios (2008-2013; former main producer)
Canal France International (2008-2012)
Gaumont-Alphanim (2009-2010)
Alphanim - Gaumont Group (2010-2011)
GreenyWorld Studios France (2011-2013)
Gaumont Animation (2013)
Canwest (episode 2-season 3)
Alliance Atlantis Los Angeles/Dublin/Madrid/Shannon/Sydney (episode 1)
CCA/Michel Gillet (season 1-season 3)
Flying Bark (season 2-5)
Tele Images Productions (2009-June 2013)
Teletoon Original Productions (season 2-season 5)
Telegael Teoranta (season 1)
Mike Young Digital (season 1-4)
Splash Entertainment (season 5)
MDA Signapore (funding; 2008-2012)
M6 Originals (season 1-4)
Rai Fiction (season 1-5)
Futurikon (season 3-5)
Rainbow S.p.A. (season 5)
SIP Animation (episode 1)
The Happy Nest Company (season 1)
Wild Brain (season 1-season 5)
Nelvana (season1, season 3-season 5)
Studio D (season 1, season 3)
Telescreen (season 3)
M4E (season 1-4)
Luxanimation (season 1-season 4)
DQ Entertainment (season 1-2)
Film Roman (overseas animation; season 1-3)
Yomiko Advertising (season 1)
The Story Hat (season 1-5)
Cookie Jar Group (season 1-4)
DHX Media (season 4-5)
Disney Télévision France (season 1-5)
Fremantle Media North America (US & Canada (2008-2013); International (outside USA; 2014-))
Warner Bros. Animation (season 1-season 4)
Universal Animation Studios (episode 1, season 4-season 5 finale)
Coliseum Entertainment (Action brand of DHX Cookie Jar, Inc.) (2008)
Classic Media (2008-2011)
Marathon Media (Europe; 2008-2012)
Original channel
Jetix (2008-2009)
Disney XD (2010)
Cartoon Network (2009, 2011-2013; Canada)
Fox (2011-2013; worldwide)
Super RTL (2008-2013)
Zoog Disney on Disney Channel (France; 2010-2013)
Gulli (2012-present; France)
Rai Gulp (2011-2013)
Discovery Kids (2008-2009)
The Hub (2010-2013)
Original run Ferbruary 4th, 2008 – present
Followed by None
Preceded by School Dare (TV special)
Spin-offs/Related Shows Quad Squad

School Dare is a teen animated series created by Michael, James and Edward for Warner Bros. Animation. It is rated TV-Y7-FV.


6 students figure out the ways to solve the problems and things being wrong in the Halfaxe Secondary School


The show is developed at Los Angeles, and Troublemaker Studios in Texas, where few of the writing staff are located while the series was made online, and at Romite Finland in Lappeenranta, Alphanim/Gaumont Animation in Paris with DHX Media Vancouver in Vancouver, British Columbia, for the animation work.
School Dare

The original logo of School Dare, revealed as 2007 (Original by Eggium)

Chorion and 9 Story Entertainment started the production under the name "Skaterhood". The show was pitched to France 3, MTV3, TVE, Jetix and Discovery Kids. After Chorion contacted Michael Wildshill to develop the series to television, Michael agreed and started to make a series.

The production started 25th of July, 2007, after 9 Story and Michael cutted off the producer deal of 9 Story due to schedule. Alliance Atlantis supposed to be distributor, but due to financial problems and bankruptcy after first episode, the distribution rights were moved to FremantleMedia, Marathon Media Group and Classic Media.

The first episode was previewed on Studio B Productions' website.

Michael thought of the series being "mix of Totally Spies!-kind of style and S.H.I.E.L.D.-ish esponiage relationship with Spy Kids-ish storyline with a touch of "Mysticons" and Ghostbuster-ish comedy"

The series broadcasted in Nicktoons Network, Jetix, Discovery Kids and MTV3 in Ferbuary 2nd, 2008 as a first-look premiere.


  • School Dare is a spiritual successor to The Cowabunga! Brothers, a show that never got finished.
  • Michael stated that the joke at the end of episodes, "Made in Everywhere, Earth", was actually made as a reference to "Made in _____, USA" credit; as of the show's episodes made through Internet, it's "made everywhere in Earth". After season 6 premiered, it was replaced with "Made in Los Angeles, USA".
  • To celebrate Geek Week on YouTube, Michael and Edward collabrated with Collective Digital Studio to do School Dare webseries to Cartoon Frederator.
  • Speaking of Frederator, Michael also created the Mikko & Eetu web series.
  • Michael was in talks to cancel School Dare in 2018, which may have a meaning that School Dare will have estimated 3 seasons more until the cancellation.
  • After season 5 finale, the whole production crew (who worked on the series for 5 seasons) moved to Los Angeles in Domino Studios, all of the distribution rights were given to Fremantle Media, international broadcasting was dicontinued temporarily,  and the "Made in Everywhere" running gag was retired and replaced with "Made in Los Angeles, USA". The international broadcasting moved to MTV after 2 months since discontinuing.

DVD DistributionEdit

Season 1Edit

Name Country Distributor
School Dare/l'école Oser Canada Alliance Films Home Entertainment
Classic Media
Entertainment One (current)
School Dare - Koulu vai tehtävä Finland Sandrew Metronome/Warner Home Video
School Dare USA Lionsgate Home Entertainment
Classic Media
학교 도전

(Haggyo Dojeon)

South Korea CJ Entertainment

Season 2Edit

Name Country Distributor Notes
School Dare/l'École Osez Canada Entertainment One --

Σχολής Τολμώ

(Scholí̱s Tolmó̱)

Greece MTC Video Released as a 2-disc box (season 1 and 2)

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